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If you are having coccyx pain, back and neck pain or looking for posture correction tools, we can help you find the best support pillows and auto seat cushions to help you alleviate pain, get more comfort and better posture!

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You might not realize it, but we actually spend a lot of our lives sitting down and in sedentary mode. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with sitting down and taking the load off of our legs, too much of it can be doing damage in ways that you didn’t even realize.

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Our bodies go through quite a lot every day, regardless of whether we’re relaxing and watching a movie or working hard at our desks. We often think that a chair will give us all of the support we need and help keep us ergonomically correct, but the truth is the human body needs a lot more than just that in order to be comfortable and supported.



Fortem Seat Cushion Review

If there’s one ailment that seems to affect everyone, no matter their age or lifestyle, it’s a sore back. Our backs take on so much responsibility in our bodies and they have to hold us up all day and support us through the night, so it’s no wonder that they often feel the strain. There are support pillows designed specifically for back pain.

Soft And Care Seat Cushion Review

Think about your day to day life and everything that you do, how much time do you spend sitting down? Is it hours in the office, in a car or in public transport, on your couch at home? Most of the pressure falls onto the coccyx. Support pillows are designed to prevent coccyx pain and improve posture.

Aylio Coccyx Seat Cushion Review

For most of us, being stuck in traffic or spending hours commuting to work and back is part of our everyday lives. Whether you’re commuting every day or spending all day in your car, support pillows designed for cars, i.e. auto seat cushions, will help you avoid pain, improve comfort and posture.

ComfiLife Coccyx Cushion Review

There’s nothing worse than living your life in discomfort and putting up with the aches and pains that we all just assume are part of everyday life. Whether you’re sitting in your office chair all day long or making the commute to work, there’s no reason that you should be suffering from pain or discomfort, yet many of us do it willingly.

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