How to Find the Best Knee Ice Pack

Best Knee Ice Pack

According to, more than 10 million people suffered knee-related injuries in 2010, and in the intervening decade, that number has likely increased. I personally have a history of osteoarthritis in my family, and knees have always been a major area of concern...and, well, complains of course!

The top 10 most common knee injuries that are reported include fractures; anterior and posterior cruciate ligament injuries, dislocations, meniscal tears, bursitis, tendonitis, tendon tears, collateral ligament injuries and iliotibial band syndrome. Left untreated, each could lead to years of discomfort. So let's talk the easiest treatment - an ice pack for knee pain!

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The knee’s connected to just about everything...

In case you missed that biology class (and I mean we all had better things to do in high school then worry about the knees, right?) - the knee is crutial to proper leg functioning. Without your knees, you wouldn’t be able to run, jump, sit, squat, bend or straighten out your legs. These critical functions all rely upon bones, cartilage, ligaments and tendons.

You needn’t know a thing about thighbones, knee joints, patella or kneecaps to crave relief when you're injured. Sometimes, all it takes is an ice pack for knee pain to subside or even go away. After all, relying upon a freezer-full of frozen vegetable packages is no way to treat the knees that are the secret to a full life of pain-free activity.

The invention of the ice pack

The invention of these valuable remedies, says Yale University medical historian Joanna Radin, evolved over three phases. Frederic Tutor pioneered the idea of delivering blocks of ice to Boston homes in 1805. He bought a ship and began harvesting lake ice, cutting and stacking blocks for transport to Boston. His pioneering efforts didn't die with him in 1864, around the time John Gorrie was granted the first-ever patent for mechanical refrigeration.

As artificial ice plants popped up, it became commonplace for homemakers to order the delivery of 300 and 400 pound blocks of ice that kept perishables in ice boxes fresh for days. Albert A. Robbins introduced the first patented ice pack as a renewable way to keep foods cold in 1959, but the viability of ice packs that could be re-constituted was not lost on the medical community. Over the past 60 years, ice packs have become not just medical and athletic staples but home first aid kit necessities, too.

How best knee ice packs help mediate knee pain and inflammation?

According to practitioners at New Mexico Orthopedics, inflammation is the major reason an ice wrap for knee to relieve pain and swelling are employed. Fluid build-up composed of dead white blood cells and bodily waste must be dealt with immediately to avoid more serious injury that could lead to surgery.

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Using ice packs to address swelling isn’t just a way to numb the area so pain and throbbing is lessened; it’s a method for reducing that collection of dead cells and waste. Is heat or cold better for knee pain? It depends on the condition you are treating - find out which one is best for you in our in-depth article about cold and heat therapy.

Physicians recommend keeping ice pack wrap for knee injuries in freezers and transporting them to sporting events. How long to leave ice pack on knee injuries in order to feel some relief? Applying it for between 10- and 15-minutes after exercising can go a long way to soothing ligaments and muscles, and no formal trailing is required to learn how to apply ice pack on knee injuries.

Best knee ice packs on the 2020 Market

This comparably priced product comes with fastening straps and it delivers more than just cold treatment; it can be heated and used as a compression brace. Recommended for arthritis pain, athletic injuries, tendonitis, ACL recovery and surgery, it is designed to treat both the front and the back of the knee at the same time. Includes 3 removable Arctic Flex best knee ice pack units that deliver targeted relief. 

Leakproof and latex-free, the gel packs are easy to insert into the wrap and there are 4 adjustable straps available to make sure it stays in position. Engineered to fit folks whose knee circumference maxes out a 21-inches, the wrap is machine washable, breathable, comfortable, lightweight and crafted of a sturdy Neoprene blend textile. Receive a 60-day guarantee from Vive with purchase so if this ice pack wrap for knee injuries isn't satisfactory, the manufacturer will return your purchase price.

  • Weighs just 2.4 pounds (the FlexiKold weighs 4 pounds)
  • Fast and easy gel pack insertion and removal
  • You can substitute other gel pack products
  • 4 straps keep this wrap in place, even on the go
  • Highly rated by consumers and sports personnel
  • Seams could split and express gel packs
  • Outer fabric can get wet as packs warm and condensation sets in
  • May not stay put despite claims to the contrary
  • Your pants could get wet as the gel packs thaw
  • Customer service is disappointing

This comparably-priced compression wrap delivers on satisfaction, whether you use it to comfort a painful knee or you have another extremity in need of relief. Three reusable hot/cold gel packs plus a bonus ice pack sleeve stand ready to heat or freeze for pain relief. Whether your goal is using this compression wrap to help your knee heal from surgery, you've got a sports injury or a joint stiffness, this Hyperflex360° wrap is designed to address the most common complaints of athletes and injury-prone folks.

If you've had issues with bulky wraps in this past, this one won't disappoint. It aligns perfectly with your knee curve and you can subject the packs to the freezer or microwave to get the relief you need. Take advantage of this best knee ice wrap’s compression attributes – it’s a knee brace with built in ice pack -- that can be tossed into the washer. The bonus ice pack sleeve could influence your buying decision, but the 90-day satisfaction guarantee could seal the deal.

  • Wrap is made of tough denim and neoprene fabric
  • Price is comparable to products from competing brands
  • Slim ice packs chill fast; heat in 20 to 40 seconds
  • Ice packs are FDA approved
  • Unique strap system holds gel packs tight
  • If overheated, packs could deteriorate
  • Not recommended for folks with circulatory issues
  • People with dexterity issues could have trouble putting it on
  • Velcro could detach from wrap
  • Neoprene odor could trigger mild-to-moderate respiratory issues

The Coldest Knee Ice Pack Wrap may be a long and unwieldy product name but according to folks purchasing this product, this knee pack wrap does the job, delivering both hot and cold therapy when needed. This reusable, compression-delivering best knee ice wrap is especially recommended for meniscus tears, rheumatoid arthritis, injury, strains, bursitis and swelling in the knee area.

The design of this wrap around ice pack for knee is unique and the price point is within a dollar of both packs described above, so you don't have to make your buying decision based on price. Marketed as the product built by elite engineers and athletes seeking fast post-injury recovery, this wrap wins in the weight category at just 1 pound. Purporting to offer the coldest webbing technology on the market, find out whether the company claim of improving cold transfer is true by trying this pack out.

  • Holds cold or heat intensity for at least 15 minutes
  • High-quality textile with secure seams to prevent leaking
  • Great alternative to traditional ice packs
  • 2-hour freeze time gets you back on your feet fast
  • You won’t need a cloth to position this pack against your skin
  • Won’t wrap around your knee; it sits on the knee cap
  • Net outer pocket could interfere with cold delivered to the knee
  • You may have to use a bandage to keep it in place
  • Ice insert could melt faster than advertised
  • Could slip and slide due to small size and weight

While Therastar is the "new kid on the block", this product is totally worth checking out! We gave it a try before writing this article, so you can read our in-depth review here. This product happens to have addressed all the major concerns customers had with its more established competitors. Namely, the greater comfort, improved flexibility and superior quality of gel.

This wrap around ice pack for knee has been designed for a snug universal fit thanks to its extra-long elastic strap and large fasteners. Which means you can comfortably and firmly apply your ice gel pack not only on knees, but also shoulders, hips, ankles, wrists and any other body parts...really. The wrap itself is made of quality neoprene with an inner mesh for better heat transfer. No more rock-solid ice packs that you can't apply anywhere - this guy does really stay flexible when frozen. We found the mesh on the strap to be really soft, it didn't irritate the skin. The gel packs are leak-proof, easy to get in and out of the velcro strap.

  • Advanced gel formula allows it to stay flexible when frozen
  • Quality neoprene strap with inner mesh for better heat transfer
  • Snug universal fit thanks to long strap
  • 2 leak-proof compact gel packs included
  • Soft and gentle on skin
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Sits on the knee cap, no special knee wrap
  • Does not offer compression
  • Depending on the size of your knee, might not be able to cover the front, sides and back
  • Relatively new on the market

Hope the options above help you choose the best knee ice wrap - stay healthy and pain free! If you'd like to learn more about when to apply hot vs cold therapy, refer to our guide here.